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MRTC Winter Off-Road Series

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The MRTC Winter Off-Road Race Series is a collection of four races run each year through the months of January and February. The Memphis weather, as crazy and unpredictable as it is, could deliver a race where it's 70 degrees, yet be a cold icy rain or snow day for the next. And trail runners run through it all. Like us on Facebook to keep up with any updates! Or be sure to like the MRTC site for all series/race updates. We run rain or shine or wind or snow or... The 2016 race dates: Race Dates Start Time Location...

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Holiday Shipping Info

The last day to take advantage of FREE SHIPPING & still have your order by Christmas is December 18th. That's right, now through December 18th it is FREE SHIPPING on all order over $75. We will be offering expedited shipping after that date but it wont be free. So take advantage & order now! Happy Holidays, OI Team

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29th Annual OICX Race

As time nears for our 29th annual OICX we have been busy prepping to host a fun yet competitive event for all ages and levels. In preparation for this thrilling race, we sat down with co-founder/owner Joe Royer to discuss the beginning and creation of the longest running Cyclocross (CX) Bicycle Race in the US. In order to bring everyone up to speed on the history of this race and CX in general, this style of riding which began in Europe is a mélange of road cycling meets mountain biking and was meant to be a Fall/Winter sport for riders....

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Cyclocross Week!

This is the big week! The time has come. Please visit the event page for the OutdoorsInc Cyclocross Championship Race HERE   Read the preview from The Commercial Appeal Newspaper HERE   See you Sunday!  

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North Face - The Other Way

NORTH FACE - THE OTHER WAY.  New Summit Series Collection: The World's Finest Apline Equipment Reimagined Coming October 15, 2015   "We do things because they are difficult, not in spite of it. The 2015 Summit Series collection represents the world’s finest alpine equipment, reimagined. Designed as the most elite equipment for exploring the world’s harshest environments, this pinnacle line is crafted on three guiding principles: Respect. Inspire. Evolve. Respect for our athletes and the extreme environments they play in. Inspiration through extremely simple, yet purposeful design that leaves nothing in excess. And a commitment to evolution by introducing innovative technologies...

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