MRTC Winter Off-Road Series

The MRTC Winter Off-Road Race Series is a collection of four races run each year through the months of January and February. The Memphis weather, as crazy and unpredictable as it is, could deliver a race where it's 70 degrees, yet be a cold icy rain or snow day for the next. And trail runners run through it all.

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The 2016 race dates:

Race Dates Start Time Location
3K Jan 10 2:00pm Overton Park, Memphis - start and finish is near the Veteran's Memorial Plaza
5K Jan 24 2:00pm Nesbit Park, Bartlett (aka Stanky Creek)
8+K Feb 21 2:00pm Nesbit Park, Bartlett (aka Stanky Creek)
10K Feb 28 2:00pm Shelby Farms Park


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