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POC Obex MIPS Helmet

POC Obex MIPS Helmet

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Providing adaptable protection for a variety of skiing and snowboarding styles, the Obex MIPS is lightweight and well ventilated, making it ideal for all-day, all-mountain use.
Constructed with an EPS liner, PC shell and an ABS top shell, the helmet balances security and durability with comfort and protection.
The interior size adjustment system spans the circumference of the head, making it easy to find a secure and comfortable fit without needing to change pads.
Sliding vent covers make it easy to adjust ventilation for maximum comfort in all weather conditions, while the addition of integrated vents at the front of the helmet allow air to evacuate from goggles, preventing fogging.

  • MIPS Rotational impact protection
  • Fully adjustable ventilation
  • Dual-material shell
  • POC Aid Communication Headset compatible
  • Seamless fit with POC goggles.

Mips Evolve

The classic Mips Evolve Brain Protection System enhances rotational impact protection.

EPS Liner

The EPS liner gives optimized, lightweight, protection.

Dual material shell

An outer PC shell featuring a top section of ABS gives the ultimate balance of strength and durability at a low weight.

360° Fit system

A 360° adjustment system makes it easy to find a comfortable, secure fit.

    Adjustable ventilation

    Adjustable ventilation makes it possible to control airflow through the helmet, giving comfort across a broader range of temperatures.

    Goggle Chimneys

    Goggle chimneys allow heat from goggles to escape through the helmet, minimizing goggle steaming.

    Goggle Clip

    A flexible clip at the rear of the helmet keeps goggles securely attached..


    Detachable ear pads

    Detachable ear pads give comfort across a wider range of temperatures.

    Communication headset compatible

    The helmet is compatible with the POC Aid Communication Headset.

    Safety Certifications

    EN 1077-B, ASTM F2040, UKCA

    Seamless Fit

    Designed for a seamless fit with POC goggles.

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