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Dunbar Cave

Dunbar Cave

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Read the fascinating story of how this cave, first explored by American Indians 10,000 years ago, grew to become one of America’s major show caves. See the amazing drawings, only recently discovered, left on the cave’s wall by these people. Read the story of how Dunbar Cave was used by the first white settlers, then became the favorite meeting place and resort in Montgomery County. Relive the glory days of the Big Band Era when the most famous bands in America played at Dunbar Cave. Share the excitement as cavers from the Northern Indiana Grotto add miles of virgin passages to a former commercial cave that had been thoroughly explored for the last 150 years. Swim with the scuba divers as they attempt to connect the new discovery with the Historic Section of Dunbar Cave. Learn about the modern use of the caves as a Tennessee State Natural Area.

By Larry E. Matthews 
ISBN 978-1-879961-41-8
234 pages, Softbound

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