Best Tent Camping: Southern Appalachian and Smoky Mountains


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Perfect Camping for You in Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia

The Southern Appalachian and Smoky Mountains provide spectacular backdrops for some of the most scenic campgrounds in the country. But do you know which campgrounds offer the most privacy? Which are the best for first-time campers? Johnny Molloy has traversed the entire region, tree-topped mountains, clear streams, and lush woodlands of East Tennessee, western North Carolina, northern Georgia, and western South Carolina, and compiled the most up-to-date research to steer you to the ideal spot!

Best Tent Camping: Southern Appalachian and Smoky Mountains presents 50 of the region’s best campgrounds, organized by state. Selections are based on location, topography, size, and overall appeal, and every site is rated for beauty, privacy, spaciousness, safety and security, and cleanliness, so you’ll always know what to expect. The new full-color edition of this proven guidebook provides everything you need to know, with detailed maps of each campground and key information such as fees, restrictions, dates of operation, and facilities, as well as driving directions and GPS coordinates.

Whether you seek a quiet campground near a remote highland stream or a family campground with all the amenities, grab Best Tent Camping: Southern Appalachian and Smoky Mountains. It’s an escape for all who wish to find those special locales that recharge the mind, body, and spirit. This guide is a keeper.

5th Edition