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Sea to Summit Alpha Pot Cook Set 1.1

Sea to Summit Alpha Pot Cook Set 1.1

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Perfect for solo adventures, the Alpha Pot Cook Set 1.1 is the ultimate lightweight and compact cook set to prepare your backcountry meals.

Constructed from a hard anodized alloy, the Alpha Pot is durable, abrasion-resistant and very easy-to-clean. It features an innovative Pivot-Lock handle that securely locks into place during use, an easy flow strainer lid, and a silicone Lid Keep which hooks to the side of the pot when cooking.

The space-saving Delta Light Bowl and Insulated Mug also neatly nest inside the Alpha Pot for compact storage.


    • Includes: 1 x 1.2L Alpha Pot, 1 x Delta Light Insulated Mug, 1 x Delta Light Bowl
    • When folded, the Pivot-Lock handle locks the lid to the pot to contain the complete set.
    • Delta Light ergonomically shaped bowls and mugs are made from BPA-free glass reinforced polypropylene.
    • Delta Light dinnerware is dishwasher safe.
    • Alpha Pot and Delta Light dinnerware have a graded volumetric scale inside.
    • Securely nests together at 3.8" / 96mm tall.


    • Patent-pending Pivot-Lock handle with safety lock for secure and easy operation.
    • Easy flow strainer lid for efficient draining.
    • Lightweight, hard-anodized alloy.
    • Large internal radius between base and sidewall makes the pot easy to clean.
    • Textured base for better stability on camp stoves.


    • Minimize spills: Tall, vertical side walls.
    • The curvature of the bowls perfectly complements the Delta Spoon to scrape the edges clean.


    • A removable insulation sleeve and easy-sip silicone lid both fold inside the mug for compact packing.
    • Fluted ribbed walls for increased insulation when used with the sleeve, and a comfortable grip when used without.
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