Outdoors Inc Ski Shop- 5245 Poplar Ave Memphis TN 38119



SKI TUNE AND HOT WAX                                                   $47.50

Flatten base, base and side edge beveling,

stoneground base structure and hot wax!


SNOWBOARD TUNE AND WAX                                                   $39.50

Flatten base, base and side edge beveling

and a fresh hot wax!


SKI & SNOWBOARD HOT WAX                                                    $17.50

Clean and hot wax the base with a smooth,

Buffed finish.


EDGES                                                 $7.50

Machine side edge and hand base edge beveling.


SKI BINDING MOUNT                                                 $75.00 

(not purchased @ Outdoors)                                      

Mount new bindings to skis, custom fitted to the

Customers boot. Includes ski binding test.


SKI BINDING REMOUNT                                             $40.00

Remount binding to another pair of skis.

Ski binding test included.


SKI BINDING TEST                                                       $15.00

Funtion test ski binding for proper release

Setting, boot to binding compatibility. Test

Toe and heel release.


SKI & SNOWBOARD BUFF WAX                                                    $7.50

Clean base and machine buff waxing base

Surface with a smooth finish.


BASE REPAIR                                         $2.00 and up

Repair small base imperfections


SKI BOOT FITTING                               $25.00

Heat mold ski boot shell to custom fit