Hiker's Checklist

Hiking Gear List

Essentials - Backpack
Hiking boots/shoes
Maps of area & compass
Headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries and bulbs
Food & drinking water
First-aid kit
Pocket knife or multi-tool
Matches in waterproof container
Sunglasses with retainer;

Hiking & Camping Clothing - Select items to fit your route, destination and weather conditions
Waterproof jacket & pants
Moisture-wicking long underwear top & bottom
Moisture-wicking briefs or boxers
Long-sleeve wicking or fleece shirt
Fleece vest
Fleece pant
Quick-drying pants/shorts
Short-sleeve shirt
Quick-drying swimsuit
Sun hat (with brim)
Fleece or wool hat
Fleece gloves/mittens
Waterproof gloves/overmitts
Heavy or midweight wool or synthetic socks
Sock liners
Camp shoes/sandals

Camping Gear - Select items to fit your trip needs and level of luxury desired
Tent, tarp or bivy sack
Ground cloth
Gear repair/sewing kit
Sleeping bag in waterproof sack
Stuff sack
Sleeping pad
Sit pad or sleeping-pad
Stove and fuel
Extra nylon stuff sacks
Cookset & utensils
Liquid biodegradable soap
Resealable plastic bags
Water bottle
Collapsible water container
Water filter & purification tablets
100-foot accessory cord
Backpacker’s trowel
Field guides
Camera & film
Notebook & pencil
GPS receiver
Weather radio
Lip Balm
Insect repellent
Toilet paper
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Small bath towel
All necessary passes & permits
Money: photo ID
Map & itinerary of trip,
including name & phone number
of nearest ranger station, left
with someone at home.