Shelby Farms, New & Improved!

Last week Shelby Farms Park unveiled "Heart of the Park;" renovations that have been underway since 2014, and it did not disappoint. You can rent bikes, kayaks, canoes and paddle boards to get around the 4,500 acre urban park, and now theres even a 4,000 sq. ft. Water Play Sprayground! The park has FREE events scheduled for the entire month of September to celebrate the improvements. 

"Heart of the Park is a visionary reimagining of Shelby Farms Park's largest lake, recently renamed as Hyde Lake. What was once a well-loved but ecologically dysfunctional body of water in the center of the Park is now:

  • a vibrant and diverse community hub
  • an environmental teaching tool
  • an important part of the business plan to sustain the Park
  • a gathering place for health, relaxation and big water adventures

Heart of the Park is an exemplar for innovative urban landscape design, environmentally responsive architecture and world class programming for health, happiness and inclusion for the Mid-South." Click HERE for more info!

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