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OutdoorsInc has recently won recognition for it's quality merchandise and customer service in several areas. Recently, the Memphis Flyer polled the Memphis area community in all aspects of local business. OutdoorsInc is proud to be voted best athletic store! Here are the results from the Memphis Flyer:

Best Athletic-Goods Store 
1. Outdoors Inc. 
2. Breakaway Running — Tie — Fleet Feet 
3. Dowdle Sports

"Yes, we admit it: Sometimes we pry ourselves from our La-Z-Boys and go to Outdoors just to stock up on the cool clothing, from makers like Patagonia and Mountain Hardware. But our more adventurous readers picked Outdoors #1 because they know they can find just about anything related to outdoor adventures here, whether they're into biking, hiking, skiing, canoeing, climbing, kayaking, and lots more."

OutdoorsInc also placed in the following categories:

Best Women's Shoes 
1. Joseph 
2. Cook & Love 
3. Outdoors Inc.

Best Men's Clothing 
1. Oak Hall 
2. James Davis 
3. Outdoors Inc.

Best Men's Shoes 
1. Oak Hall 
2. Outdoors Inc. 
3. James Davis

Best Bicycle Shop 
1. Peddler 
2. Midtown Bicycle 
3. Outdoors Inc.

In polling for Memphis Most by The Commercial Appeal, OutdoorsInc was voted a finalist for best sporting goods store and best bicycle shop.

Memphis Sport Magazine also voted OutdoorsInc the best bike shop. Here are their results:

"Soon the wintertime hibernation will come and the bicycles of the Mid-South will forage to fill the inner-tubes of their training-wheeled offspring with enough sustenance to make it to spring. Until then, visit Outdoors, Inc. for all the bicyclic sustenance you need. Tell them you must feed. Tell them you have to fill your tubes with sustenance. Tell them MemphiSport sent you.

Outdoors, Inc, First Place: 25.29%
Peddler Bike Shop , Second Place: 25.19%
Midtown Bike Company, Third Place: 16.73%

The OutdoorsInc Canoe and Kayak race was voted as one of the favorite races in town, along with the St. Jude Marathon.

We at OutdoorsInc appreciate the local support and we will strive to provide continued excellence in our service to the local community as we promote human powered recreation both locally and nationally.


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