Memphis Midnight Classic

Ride through the heart of Memphis on a perfect August evening with fellow riders. Enjoy great music, breathe in refreshing night air, take a great bike ride and meet plenty of new friends. All for a great charitable cause - Meritan! The Midnight Classic Bike Tour offers a healthy night out for cyclists of all levels. Come as teams, with your family, ride with your friends, or just come as you are. You won't be alone for long in this crowd! Join this one night event where we are all connected in the ride, the experience, and fellowship.

Midnight Classic Bike Tour & Lunar Festival

August 25, 2012 • 10 pm - 3 am

Departs From: Poplar Plaza Shopping Center

Music - People - Bicycles - Smiling Faces

Limited to 2500 cyclists. Unlimited spectators.

Trophy and Incentives - large group & creativity

A trophy will be presented to:
the group with the most riders, as well as,
best costume and
best bicycle decoration.

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