Turtle Fur Vermontur Earflap Hat

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Turtle Fur Vermontur Earflap Knit Hat - Adult 2011: The Vermontur Earflap is a timeless piece that offers a classic design for years to come. This hat by Turtle Fur is fashionable and functional - perfect for multiple activates from skiing the slopes to picking up some milk at the market on a chilly day. This adult hat is created with earflaps for a trendy touch along with another outlet for warmth. The Vermontur Earflap is a handcrafted hat, lined with original Turtle Fur. The Turtle Fur staff works hard to bring you only the best and this hat is a true testament of what they can do. The workmanship that goes into this hat is truly brilliant as it offers a classic yet intricate winter-like design. The material used for the hat is wool, allowing your head to get the perfect amount of warmth.