The Knot Tying Kit/Game For Hikers and Campers - Deluxe Edition Volume 1

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Learn the art of knot tying with Ramco's Knot Tying Kit and Game - Hiking and Camping. This compact card game educates while it entertains, as you learn 40 need-to-know knots. The knots range from the very basic to the complex. Sportsmen and women will tell you these are the most important knots for hikers and climbers to know. Knot tying equipment is included with the kit, and the cards are illustrated with step by step instructions, plus information about how each knot is used. Sit down and practice with a friend. We've even included the rules for a simple game. Knot-tying helps you develop quickness of mind and hand, and it's FUN. Perfect for campers, hikers, climbers, scouts, and anyone who wants to learn something new. Suitable for all ages.