Petzl Pantin Foot Ascender -
Petzl Pantin Foot Ascender -

Petzl Pantin Foot Ascender

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Using the PANTIN with a CROLL and ASCENSION keeps the body in a more upright position when ascending fixed ropes, making for faster and less tiring vertical progress. Available in both LEFT and RIGHT footed versions. The frame has been refined to decrease friction and allow the device to glide easily on the rope.

  • NEW: Chrome-plated steel cam with angled teeth and self-cleaning slot securely grips the rope, even in muddy or icy conditions. The cam has been refined to increase the efficiency in which the ascender glides on the rope. The wear area has been moved lower on the cams surface to increase its durability. The cam engages without losing a millimeter each time it is weighted and glides smoothly up a rope with a minimal of effort.
  • NEW: The frame has been aligned so the rope runs vertically through it thus allowing the rope to glide smoothly through the frame when raising your foot
  • NEW: Available in both LEFT (Black) and RIGHT (Yellow) footed versions and are color coded for ease of identification
  • Easy to adjust DoubleBack buckle
  • Can be put on /taken off the rope without using your hands
  • Foot harness is Dyneema-reinforced for maximum durability
  • NOTE: The PANTIN is not an item of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Weight: 120 g
  • For use with ropes between 8 and 13 mm in diameter
  • Materials: aluminum frame, chrome-plated steel cam, nylon and Dyneema webbings
  • Color:
  • - B02ALA: black (left)
  • - B02ARA: yellow (right)
  • 3-year guarantee
  • CE / UIAA 

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