Nordica NRGy Pro 3 Boot

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Cuff Profile: ADULT
Liner Type/Style: Custom Cork Fit
Heat Ready
Soles: Heel & Toe (complete interface)
Extra-Grip: High Traction Dual Density PU
Canted Soles: Available Extra Kit
Cuff Alignment: Single (screwed)
Flex Index: 110

Technologies and Features-

Building on the proven natural performance characteristics of cork, Nordica introduces the Custom Cork Liner to it’s award-winning collection of liners as part of the all new NRGy series of boots. The specifically engineered cork and resin compound integrated into the liner wraps the foot in comfort and performance. In addition to being a great natural insulator, due to its superior density, cork provides the greatest transmission of power from boot to ski. Unlike foam and other boot liner materials it doesn’t compress when engaging the edge — making turning in NRGy boots extremely precise and responsive.

Providing the best possible traction for hiking in the backcountry or up to a rail set, or simply just navigating your way around the lodge.

New hand-stitched liners designed for improved comfort and performance with increased toe area box for enhancedcirculation and warmth

The PU boot board offers a solid foundation under foot that delivers the optimal performance and accommodates the liner in the shell for the most anatomical fit.

Hinge point is located high up on the shell and further back to allow for precise energy transmission and rebound.

For superior traction on hard surfaces and stair treads, we’ve got you covered. Also with our new toe and heel technology Nordica is able to offer a quick canting solution of plus or minus 1 degree for our boots. This is an after market option.

An ALL NEW overlap system integrated into the shell provides a full waterproof feature to prevent water from leaking into the boot. And as we all know, dry feet are warm and comfortable feet!

SCREW IT! Making our boots easier to work on than ever for the custom boot fitter, we’ve used easy to remove screws in our buckles straps and canting.

Pinned Performance Cuff: The most proven and effective way to marry the cuff to the lower shell is through metal pins. It ensures the best marriage of the two boot pieces for maximum performance.