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Cotopaxi Maigo Neck Pouch Del Día Surprise

Cotopaxi Maigo Neck Pouch Del Día Surprise

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Each pack in this collection is one-of-a-kind. We’ll choose a pack for you at random. Be prepared for a total surprise!


Easy to take on and off, the perfect size for everyday essentials, and comfy to carry, the neck pouch is back. And with Maigo, it’s better than ever.


  • Front and back accessory pockets
  • Velcro security closure strap
  • Adjustable carry strap


  • 7 x 5 in (18 x 13 cm)
  • .3 oz. (8 g)

Adjustable Carry Strap

Keep it close, loosen it up. The Maigo's carry strap adapts to you.

Uniquely Sustainable

This accessory bag is partially made using leftover materials from other companies’ production runs that could have gone to a landfill. 100% repurposed, 100% funky, and 100% one of a kind.

Simple Design

A classic accessory silhouette, enhanced for modern functionality.

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