Line Mr. Pollard's Opus 178cm Skis

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Opus is defined as ”A great work of art or literature, especially the greatest single work of an artist”. In Eric’s case, his 2012 Line Opus ski was developed with over 13 years of progressing powder skiing & innovative ski designs with Line.

As Eric says - “Anyone can make a really fat ski float in powder, but making it also versatile enough to rip firm snow is where they all fall short.” The Line Opus ski is a breakthrough in versatility within the powder ski category. We actually lowered the Early Rise™ tip geometry enabling it to PLANE INSTEAD OF PLOW in the powder. We also reduced the length of Early Taper™ putting 20% more Active Edge™ length in contact with the snow than others in it’s class, for MORE GRIP & LESS SLIP. This better floating tip geometry allowed us to actually reduce the width to 118mm for increased quickness, reduced weight and a skiing experience that is as ahead of it’s time as the skier that developed it.

ERIC POLLARD - "Over the past decade I have designed and skied over 100 different prototypes in search of skis that allow me to ride the mountain the way I want to. We have gone to every extreme from super fat 140mm to narrow, to super short, to over 200cm long, extreme Early Rise to no Early Rise, lots of side cuts to reverse sidecut, blunt tips, pointy tips. We have applied every flex pattern we can think of, mounted each ski in different locations and analyzed the differences over and over again, to learn so much from each ski. The new Opus and the Bacon are the culmination of the last 13 years of work. They blend a perfect mix of flex, sidecut, tip shape, overall shape/ footprint, mounting point, Early rise, Early taper, and camber. They are honestly the best skis I have ever skied."


  • Sidewall Construction
  • Early Rise™ tip & tail 25cm x 15mm
  • Early Taper™ tip & tail
  • Thin Tip
  • Maple Macroblock™ Core
  • 5 Radius G-Cut™ Geometry
  • Symmetric Flex
  • Sintered Fatty Base & Edge
  • Waist width: 118
  • Length cm: 178
  • Shape mm: 144-118-141
  • Sidecut m: 17.2 (185cm)
  • Stance mm: -20 (185cm)
  • Weight: 2,468 (grams)