Jackson Kayak 2017 Riviera
Jackson Kayak 2017 Riviera

Jackson Kayak 2017 Riviera

Regular price $529.00

  • 1  - High-Back Seat for Ultimate Comfort

    When paddling your kayak, its important to be comfortable, which is why we offer a high back for added support.
  • 2  - Molded in Grab Handles for easy Carrying

    Easy to hold, large grab handles make it easy for carrying, transporting, or strapping down.
  • 3  - Two Side Handles

    Want to flip the boat on its side or swim beside it, these grab handles provide added holding points.
  • 4  - Small Day Hatch

    Keep your phone, wallet, camera or other items within reach with the easy access Day Hatch.
  • 5  - Molded-in Foot Rests

    Multiple foot rest locations means there is one for every size person
  • 6  - Skid Plate for Dragging

    Carrying boat alone can be tricky, which is why we added a skid plate along the bottom of the hull. This way you don’t have to pick it up, simply grab the front grab handle and drag it.
  • 7  - Open Back Platform for Coolers, Dogs, and more

    This platform allows you to bring a variety of added equipment, from coolers, to dogs and more!
  • 8  - Go Pro Ready!  - GoPro
    With a screwed in insert- this boat is Go Pro Ready! Simply slide your camera into the insert, press record and capture your paddling experience!


  • Max paddler (lbs)90 to 300
  • Length11'4
  • Width29
  • Height17
  • MaterialLinear Poly
  • Model Year2017
  • MSRP (US $)$529
  • Seat TypeMolded
  • Total Capacity300
  • Weight (Pounds)58 lbs