Innova G Star Roadrunner

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The Roadrunner is a long-range distance driver with lots of glide. It makes an excellent finesse driver or long range roller. Power throwers can use this disc for long turnover shots and rollers. Less powerful throwers can use this disc for long, straight shots or low tunnel shots. Best Distance Driver for turnover shots.


With great flexibility, comes great response. GStar is a blend of Star that adds flexibility and even more grip. GStar is opaque like Star, but features a pearlescent sheen. Their allure is only surpassed by their beautiful flight. GStar discs have a smooth, gradual transition in flight and the same durability as our Star Line.


  • Comfortable Grip
  • GREAT for cold weather play
  • Ideal for those who like the durability of Star plastic but want more flex
  • Retains flight characteristics longer than DX or Pro Plastics
  • Looks amazing


Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Plastics: Star, GStar, StarLite, EchoStar, Champion, Glow Champion
Weight Range:

  • Star:160-175g
  • GStar:165-175g
  • StarLite: 150 Class
  • Echo:165-175g
  • Champion:165-175g
  • Glow Champion:170-175g
  • Best Choice for:

  • First distance driver
  • Roller shots
  • Tailwind drives

    Disc Weight is 170-172

    *Color May Vary