GSI Crossover Kitchen Kit

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Completely integrated kitchen set has every utensil for any gourmet backpacking trip Lightweight tote keeps everything organized and nests within nFORM Crossover System Cooksets Pivoting tools rotate from stored to working position Waterproof shaker modules screw together to keep spices dry and flavorful Camp towel, compact scrapper, dish soap dispenser and scrubbing pad make cleaning quick and easy.

Major Dimension

12 piece


9.6 oz.


7.30" x 3.70" x 4.30"


Copolyester, Nylon 6-6 and Polyethylene

Product Use

Car Camping  Gourmet Backpacking


Compact Scraper, Scrubby Pad, Cutting Board, Pivot Tongs, Pivot Spoon, Pivot Spatula, Spicer, Soap Bottle, Oil Bottle, Camp Towel, Tote