Fits Women's Light Hiker Crew Socks

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A 20-mile day hike sounds like a good idea the night before, but make sure it is easy with light  trail runners and the Fits Women's Light Hiker Crew Socks. This form-fitting sock provides all-day bunch-free foot bliss, and the merino wool and synthetic blend ensure temperature and moisture regulation, no matter if you splash through a puddle by a creek or burn up a sweat as you storm the peak.

Fit's Full Contact Fit incorporates a a heel lock with extra-deep Y-shaped stitching and ample cross stretch, and a dynamic toe cup that conforms to the natural shape of the toes. It's the ideal fit with no chafing, hotspots, slippage. Twenty miles? That's nothing.

  • Wool/nylon/Lycra blend
  • Full contact cuff
  • Heel Lock
  • Dynamic toe cup


Tech Specs

62% wool, 35% nylon, 3% Lycra
Recommended Use: