Fits Men's Light Rugged Crew Socks -

Fits Men's Light Rugged Crew Socks

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Get Your FITS...and tame the wild! The RUGGED will stay put and create the perfect barrier against the elements. While tough on the outside, its full cushion, moisture managing Merino Wool helps your feet stay comfortable on the inside. Mile after mile, it’s built to conquer even the harshest seasonal challenges.



  • FITS Full Contact Fit
    • Dynamic Toe Cup - contours to the shape of your toes
    • Heel Lock - super deep heel pocket with ample cross stretch locks the sock on your heel
    • Full Contact Cuff - stays in place due to a tighter ankle and looser calf (proper gradience)
  • Full wrap around cushioning on the entire foot
  • Durable nylon reinforced exterior while keeping the Merino wool against the skin for great
  • temperature regulation and moisture management.
  • Full length crew so you can use it with most boots.
  • Color-coded seam on toe so you won’t forget your size.
  • Contents:
    • Wool 69%
      Nylon 24%
      Polyester 4%
      Lycra Spandex 3%




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