Easton EA50 Stem 6d 31.8

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The EA50 stem from Easton is the first stem you come to as you work your way down the line that uses a non-proprietary aluminum—2014, to be exact. So that saves you some money right there. Easton's EA50 stem is still 3D forged for ultra-strength and stiffness, and uses patented Top Lock technology, which allows the stem to "lock" on one edge when tightened for unsurpassed stiffness in the stem/bar interface. And, like the EA90 and EA70 stems, the EA50 boasts DST (Distributed Stress Technology) to reduce stem clamping stress by changing the face of the interface between the bar, stem, and faceplate. By distributing forces are over a larger area, and moving bolts away from the edge of the stem, the handlebar's stronger, center section takes the stress.

  • Actual weight 168 grams (100mm)
  • +/- 6 degree rise
  • 3D forged 2014 aluminum
  • DST Technology Faceplate
  • Top Lock technology