Eagle Creek Pack-It 2 Sided Half Cube

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Now this is one of the most ingenious designs yet. It’s a packing cube that will provide organization for t-shirts, shorts, pajamas and more… with 2-sided styling that adds an “even-more-awesome” functionality. With the 2-sided packing cube, keep your dirty laundry separate from your clean clothes, or your damp bathing suit separate from your dry. You see, one side is water resistant; the other has a breathable mesh top. Minimize wrinkles and maximize space in any backpack, duffel or piece of luggage. So, what are you waiting for?

Product Features
  • Great for separating dirty laundry from clean; t-shirts, shorts, underwear, socks, etc.
  • Mesh top for visibility and breathability
  • LinkSeal Mesh side helps keep moisture in or out
  • Floating LinkSeal Mesh divider keeps two sides separate
  • Quick grab handle
  • Two-way zippered opening
  • Lifetime Warranty