Blizzard Brahma Skis

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The 88mm waisted brother to the Bonafde, this ski is simply a narrower version of the award winning Bonafide, An unbeatable choice for someone looking for a ski with a hard snow bias while still maintaining great performance off the trail. Early rise tip, camber underfoot and an early rise tail combine with Flipcore construction and titinal to make this ski quick and responsive on groomers yet silky smooth through soft snow and variable conditions off-trail.

Blizzard Flipcore is a revolutionary rocker technology. Natural spring, lightweight floatation in powder, while yet retaining excellent stability are the immediate advantages of Blizzard’s new construction. All of this is made possible by matching the core shape and the mold shape which are both produced in the final shape of the ski. The natural rocker shape is produced without having to bend or artificially shape the ski in a press. The end result is a new rockered construction that reaches a new level of stability and even pressure distribution that is unheard of in freeride ski construction We are redefining how Freeride Skis are built. Flipcore is a Unique Camber Technology that will turn the freeride world upside down.

• Flipcore construction
• Natural rocker technology
• Natural pressure distribution
• Light core construction

• Extremely easy and smooth handling
• Floating effect, natural rocker
• High speed balance control
• Easy switch “edge to edge”
• Lightweight, less fatigue
• Great edge grip and stability

Rockered in Tip & Tail area with traditional camber construction
• Shorter edge length for perfect agility and playful performance!

Blizzard uses vertical sidewall in most of the skis that is produced. This technology provides:                                                                                                                                              

• Constant edge pressure over the entire length of the ski
• Dynamic force distribution from edge to edge

• Direct handling?
• Increased stability of the entire construction
• Longlife construction?
• More impact resistant

• Stable edge grip?
• Perfect control?
• Highest carving performance