Big Agnes Women's Slavonia Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic- Dark Purple

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**Left Handed**

The Big Agnes Women's Slavonia 30 Degree Sleeping Bag is a semi-rectangular sleeping bag for enjoying a toasty sleep in the outdoors. The Slavonia has roomy comfort on the inside, so you can roll over to your little heart's content. The Integrity synthetic Insulation is 97% recycled content, and performs well in damp conditions, so feel free to take it on your next canoe trip down the river. The Insotect Tubic Insulation system combines with DualVault (creates airspace) and Vertical Thermal Channels to provide better thermal efficiency. If that made no sense to you, it just means more loft and more warmth. Me like. The bag Features Big Agnes' integrated full pad sleeve, so don't forget to bring your sleeping pad or air mattress along for the trip to keep your body off the cold, hard ground. The full length zipper allows quick entry and exit and a stash pocket keeps your headlamp or lip balm close by for late night emergencies