Aqua Bound Surge Fiberglass Kayak Paddle

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 With wider, stiffer blades, the Surge kayak paddle delivers more muscle to the high-energy paddler. The blade is created using high pressure compression - making it stronger and lighter than other blades. The shaft features t-700 carbon, making our performance paddles ultra strong with a low swing weight.


Ovalized Shaft: T-700 Carbon 
Blade Width: 7in
Blade Length: 19in
Blade Surface Area: 104 (670
Paddle Weight: 29 oz (822 g)

Ferrule Options - Snap Button and Telescoping

3-Hole Snap-Button: Our trouble-free snap-button ferrule comes with 0 and 60-degree RHC and LHC feature positions. Quiet and precise, it won’t squeak or wiggle.

Telescoping Ferrule: Our exclusive telescoping ferrule allows you to adjust your paddle to any degree of feather angle, provides you the flexibility to lengthen or shorten your paddle a span of 15cm, and eliminates the ‘wobble’ that develops with some take-apart paddles. With the simplicity of no screws, no holes in the shaft, and no protruding buttons or rings and only increases the weight 1 oz (28.3g). The telescoping ferrule system is not available in the small diameter shaft.


Blade Material - Fiberglass

The Multi-Laminate Fiberglass blades are hand made using a unique web of woven fiberglass fibers along with Aqua-Bound's proprietary resin and foam core.  By using a high pressure compression molding process we are able to obtain a greater strength to weight ratio than many other methods. The compression process increases the strength, stiffness and efficiency of our blades which translates into ultra-light, low swing weight blades that will reduce strain and fatigue.

Shaft Material - T-700

This product features the Aqua-Bound T-700 carbon shaft. This material is highly regarded for its high strength to weight ratio. In fact, when it's not being used in the water with an Aqua-Bound paddle, it's being used in the air with some of the world's most famous jet aircraft.