Join us for the Wolf River Conservancy Cycle the Greenway

Wolf River Conservancy


Dear Cyclists,


Join us on Sunday, June 5, 2011 for the Wolf River Conservancy Cycle the Greenway, presented by Outdoors Inc and benefiting the Wolf River Conservancy.


This year we are offering four (4) different cycling experiences.  Whether or not you are a long distance cyclist or a Sunday rider, this event has something for you.


Start and Finish will be at 7250 Wolf River Blvd. at the gravel parking lot of the Germantown Greenway located behind the gas pipeline, west of Germantown Rd.  There are options to cycle from 22 mile, 32 mile and 50 mile routes.  (Sag support stops will be provided).  All long distance riders will receive a commemorative t-shirt.


The Cycle the Germantown Greenway Ride (starting at 9:15) is appropriate for families and their children.  This ride is held only on the Germantown Greenway and will include an Eco Ride to learn about the Wolf River plants and animals.


All riders are expected to follow the rules of the road, keep to the right at all times and cycle in a safe and considerate manner.  All cyclists must wear an ANSI or SNELL- approved bicycle helmet. 


Please come and join us in helping the Wolf River Conservancy persevere and enhance our environmental treasure, the Wolf River.  There will be door prizes and goodies throughout the day from Outdoors Inc., as well as a backyard-style cookout at the finish line for everyone with food, drinks, and lots of entertainment.

Register now by clicking this link


Lisa Stephens
Wolf River Conservancy
Director of Development
452-6500 (office)
378-2099 (cell

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